Rare collection of Supreme T-shirts expected to sell for $2 million

A rare collection of 253 Supreme T-shirts spanning the counter culture brand’s history are expected to sell for nearly $2 million.

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James Bogart started collecting Supreme T-shirts in 2014 and eventually amassed “The Box Logo Collection,” the only known archive of the brand’s sought after streetwear.

“It’s been a non-stop 5-year hunt to accumulate this collection,” Bogart said on his website devoted to the collection. “A lot of people don’t think about the non-stop weeks, months, and even years of research and work that it can take to find just one tee.”

The T-shirts feature the Barbara Kruger-inspired logo in an array of colors released during “drops” from 1994 to 2020. Kruger is a modern artist known for her use of typography. Supreme started out in a skateshop in Lower Manhattan by James Jebbia and has grown into an iconic fashion brand. The parent company that owns Vans announced Nov. 9 it would buy the brand for $2.1 billion, CNN reported.

Bogart’s collection includes a classic red on white box logo tee that is one of four shirts originally available at the original New York store. There’s also the 2000/01 BAPE set of 15 tees, of which only 100 of each design were originally printed.

The t-shirts will be available at a private sale alongside Christie’s “Behind The Box: 1994-2020” auction which opens Dec. 1. It features other Supreme branded items including bicycles, a dirt bike and pinball machine. A complete collection of Supreme stickers is also available.

“We were strategic with our curation of this sale,” Caitlin Donovan, with Christies, told High Snobiety. “Including the rarest and most covetable objects, coining it the ‘most supreme’ Supreme offered at auction.”