Notre Dame Cathedral will have classic look after fire damage repair

Notre Dame Cathedral will be restored with classic look after 2019 fire

The classic look of Notre Dame Cathedral will remain after work to repair the damage left behind after last year’s destructive fire is finished.

French President Emmanuel Macron, the architects of the cathedral and the general in charge of the restoration came to the agreement that the repairs will be done to keep the traditional look of the landmark, The Associated Press reported.

Macron had wanted to update the church’s look but approved the traditionalists’ plans, the AP reported.

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Some had proposed using glass instead of wood for the church’s roof to allow light to flow into the church, Forbes reported.

The church’s spire will be identical to the one that fell during the fire, Forbes reported.

It took a year for crews to clear out lead residue left behind from the framework of the church, and to remove scaffolding that had been installed for a restoration project before the April 2019 fire broke out, the AP reported.

Reconstruction is scheduled to begin next year.

To keep with the classic look, workers will replicate the original materials used to build the church, including the lead that could pose health and environmental concerns, the AP reported.

Some said that by keeping with the historic look of the church, it will allow the work to be completed quicker than that of a more modern design, Forbes reported.