Nine lives: Cat saves itself from apartment fire, jumps from fifth floor

CHICAGO — Apparently, cats do land on their feet, no matter if they jump from a countertop or even an apartment five stories above the street.

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The Chicago Fire Department was called to an apartment fire Thursday afternoon and they couldn’t believe what they saw. A black cat emerged from the smoke pouring from the apartment through a broken window, The Associated Press reported.

The cat then touched the side of the building before it decided to save itself from the flames and jump.

The cat stuck the landing on all four paws, did a quick bounce then ran away to take shelter under a car, fire department spokesperson Larry Langford told the AP.

The cat, once it realized it was safe, tried its best Spider-Man impression and tried to climb the wall to get back home.

The cat was not hurt and Langford told the AP he was trying to find the cat’s owner, the AP reported.

The cause of the fire has not been released and firefighters did not say how much damage the fire caused to the one apartment that was involved.