Coronavirus postpones Rio’s Carnival parade for first time in century

Rio’s Carnival parade postponed for first time in a century

RIO DE JANERIO — Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival parade will not be kicking off in February as planned.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to the cancelation of the parades that wind through the city each year, Rio’s League of Sama Schools, LIESA, announced, The Associated Press reported.

About 90,000 people swarm into the city for the festivities, Sky News reported.

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No new date for the parade, which was postponed indefinitely, has been issued, but LIESA said it will be dependent on a vaccine, according to Sky News.

“Carnival is a party upon which many humble workers depend. The samba schools are community institutions, and parades are just one detail of that,” historian Luiz Antonio Simas told the AP.

Not only do the schools provide performers, but they also have elaborate floats.

So far, the cancelations have only affected the parades, and there has not been an announcement concerning the city’s street parties that are held during the Carnival season. However, some of the groups that throw the parties have taken it upon themselves to cancel before an official decision is released, Sky News reported.

Rio has more than 15,000 deaths caused by COVID-19. The metropolitan area has a population of 13 million.

The last time Carnival was canceled in Rio was in 1912 after the death of the foreign relations minister. But while the official celebration was not held, the residents of Rio still filled the streets to hold their parties, the AP reported.

Government officials have also canceled the annual New Year’s Eve party because of the coronavirus pandemic, AP reported.