Coronavirus: Frontier Airlines offers $11 fares for nonstop domestic routes

If flying is essential right now despite the coronavirus pandemic, Frontier Airlines has an $11 deal for you. But getting that low fare only lasts through Thursday -- and you must be a Frontier Discount Den member to get the discount.

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According to its website, Frontier is offering one-way flights to select cities for a penny, plus taxes and fees. That comes out to $11, the company said in a news release.

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Frontier said the sales are for nonstop flights but are good anywhere across the United States and Puerto Rico. The prices are for one-way tickets, and customers are not required to purchase round-trip fares.

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“These are unprecedented times and we don’t want you to fly unless you must. If you have somewhere essential to be, we are making this easier,” the company said on its website.

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It costs $59.99 for an annual Discount Den membership, according to Frontier’s website.

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Eligible flights are listed on Frontier’s website.