Animals return home after Australia’s brush fires

Animals return home after Australia’s brush fires
FILE PHOTO: Koala bears have returned to their habitats after devastating wildfires earlier this year. (Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Animal conservation groups are continuing to return wildlife back to their habitats after the devastating Australian brush fires scorched the countryside.

This week a koala family was returned to the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, taken there by ACT Parks and Conservation Service.

Tidbinbilla's koala family return to their new enclosure at Eucalyptus Forest

❤️ 🐨 CUTE ALERT!! 🐨❤️ They're grey. They're fluffy. They're cute. And they're back at Tidbinbilla! 😍 We welcomed our koala family into a brand-new enclosure this morning at the Eucalyptus Forest at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve! Our hearts melted watching them explore the new gumtree ‘furniture’ 🏡🌳 The six koalas have been living behind the scenes at Tidbinbilla after a short trip to The Australian National University over the summer to escape bushfire. You can now come see them playing, snoozing or snacking in their new digs all day long. A new viewing platform, clear fencing and seating have also been installed. Also! The koalas have not returned home empty-pouched! ‘Yellow’ has a new joey in her pouch! It is expected to emerge in the next few months ❤️

Posted by ACT Parks and Conservation Service on Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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The marsupials were housed at The Australian National University until the nature reserve was repaired.

And while there were six cages opened, there were actually seven koalas welcomed back to their home. Yellow the koala was carrying a joey in her pouch.

The koalas were not the only animals to return home recently.

After four months, platypuses were taken home to their ponds after being housed at the Taronga Zoo Sydney until they could be returned.

Platypus release at Tidbinbilla

It was an emotional return when the remaining platypus came home. Last time they saw Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve was four months prior and it looked very different. Their ponds were drying up and orange smoke filled the air. Our wildlife team worked hard in the thick of bushfire smoke and drought to get them to a temporary home at Taronga Zoo Sydney for a few months. We’ll never forget their hard work, and we’ll never forget this moment where it all felt worth it. 🏠 ❤️ Great to have them all home again!

Posted by ACT Parks and Conservation Service on Thursday, July 2, 2020