Woman files sexual assault complaint over toy used at hibachi restaurant

A chef at a Tennessee hibachi restaurant is accused of sexual assault after he accidentally squirted water in a female customer’s face.

The water was in a boy figure toy. The water squirts when the pants are pulled down, which makes it look like the boy is urinating.

The incident was reported Monday at Wasabi in Murfreesboro by a couple from Texas dining with their children and grandchildren.

(Warning: Viewer discretion advised.)

****PLEASE SHARE!!**** WHAT DO YOU THINK?? Murfreesboro Police were called to Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse last night after a diner said she was assaulted when one of the hibachi chefs shot water at her from a plastic toy, which squirts water when it's toy pants are pulled down, as if it is urinating. The hibachi restaurant says the water toy is just a part of their normal act for diners, but the woman said she was offended because she was essentially "peed on" in front of her husband and four kids. Here is video of the offending toy in action... What's your opinion?? Comment below!

Posted by NC5_JasonLamb on Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hibachi chefs are known for performing dramatic tricks while they cook and serve food. But Isabelle Lassiter and her family were offended by the use of the toy. After she was hit in the face with water from the toy, her husband called it a "sexual-style assault of my wife," according to an interview with WTVF.

(Warning: Viewer discretion advised.)

When police interviewed the chef, he admitted to accidentally squirting Lassiter in the face. The restaurant told WTVF that the toy is used as part of the normal dinner routine and there have never been any complaints.

Wasabi general manager Johnny Wang said he apologized to the woman and her family, and will have chefs ask diners for permission before using the toy.

No charges have been filed in the case. The family is still considering pressing charges.