Whopper: Oklahoma angler reels in 170-pound alligator gar

Whopper: Oklahoma angler reels in 170-pound alligator gar

Zachary Sutterfield, left, reeled in a 170-pound alligator gar over the weekend in Oklahoma. Photo: Trey Hale, Oklahoma Game Wardens

LAKE TEXOMA, Okla. — Fishermen have been known to spin some tall tales, but an Oklahoma angler was not stretching the truth when he said he caught a big one over the weekend.

Zachary Sutterfield, of Durant, was bowfishing when he reeled in an alligator gar that weighed about 170 pounds and measured 6 feet, 9 inches long, KLTV reported.

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Sutterfield caught the fish on Lake Texoma, the television station reported.

The Oklahoma Game Wardens posted a photo of the large fish on its Facebook page.

"Luckily Nic Sutterfield and Billy Sutterfield were there to help wrangle this big prehistoric fish into the boat!" the Game Wardens wrote on Facebook.

While Sutterfield caught a large fish, it was not even close to the state record. In 2015, Paul Easley caught a 254.8 pounder in the Red River, according to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.