WATCH: Powerful wind gust sends tent, restaurant employees flying into air

Powerful wind gust sends tent, restaurant staff flying into the air

CLEMSON, S.C. — Two South Carolina restaurant employees are recovering after strong winds sent an event tent airborne Monday.

According to WYFF-TV, a camera captured the moment that a gust sent the tent at Clemson's Esso Club hurtling skyward as the two workers, who were trying to keep it grounded, held on.

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The video shows one of the workers falling to the ground as a table crashes into her, the station reported. Meanwhile, the second employee, identified as Samuel Foster, careens into the roof.

"It took a second to register, but then I'm, like, 20 feet in the air," Foster told WYFF. "And all I could think about was, 'I've got to land on this roof.'"