Walmart worker in Louisiana walks 6 miles to work

Louisiana Woman Walks Six Miles to Walmart for Work

SLIDELL, La. — A Louisiana woman does not have a car, but that does not stop her from going to work.

Anita Singleton works at a Walmart in Slidell, and when she is unable to find a ride she walks more than six miles to the store.

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"Just because I don't have a vehicle is no excuse for me not to show up to work," Singleton told WWL.

Slidell police Officer Bradley Peck was certainly impressed.

Peck posted his early Monday encounter with Singleton on Facebook, writing that he was wrapping up his shift at 5:30 a.m. when he saw a woman walking across the Front Street Bridge in Slidell. She was wearing a Walmart uniform.

“If you've driven on (the bridge), you know how dangerous and narrow it is,” Peck wrote.

Peck turned his squad car around and flashed his lights to stop traffic.

"Not gonna lie here," Peck wrote on Facebook. "I thought to myself, "Lady, get off this bridge before you get run over, especially in all dark clothing.'"

Singleton, who has worked at the Northshore Walmart in Slidell for three years, told the officer she was walking to work.

"I said. 'Northshore? That's a long walk, ma'am, why don't you jump in. I'll give you a ride," Peck told WWL.

"He brought me all the way to the front door, and that was an incredible blessing," Singleton told the television station.

The two discussed religion, families, work ethic and how they were raised, WWL reported.

“(I have) a lot of respect for her," Peck told the television station.

A Walmart manager said that since Singleton's co-workers learned she does not have a car, they have offered her rides when she needs them, according to WWL.