TSA confiscates record amount of guns in carry-ons at airports across country

ARLINGTON, Va. — Transportation Security Administration officials discovered a record-breaking 78 firearms this week in carry-on bags at U.S. airports. Of the 78 firearms discovered, 68 were loaded and 21 had a round chambered.

The previous record of 74 firearms was set in May 2016.

Four inert replica grenades were also discovered this week, along with a cane sword and a knife concealed in a bottle of pills, according to a post on the TSA blog.

TSA officials want to remind travelers that firearm possession laws vary by state and locality and travelers should be familiar with those laws for each point of travel prior to departure.

Security line delays are caused each time the TSA finds a dangerous item. Passengers can be given a citation or in some cases, arrested. The passenger can face a penalty as high as $11,000. The TSA offers tips on traveling safely with firearms and ammunition.

When in doubt, TSA officials recommend leaving the item at home.