This is about to be the last Blockbuster in the entire world

Oregon Location Soon to be Last Blockbuster in the World

BEND, Ore. — An American Blockbuster store will soon become the last of the video rental franchise in the entire world.

In 2018, the Bend, Oregon location became the last one in the United States after two stores closed in Alaska.

The last international location will reportedly close at the end of March in Perth, Australia.

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At its height, Blockbuster reportedly had 9,000 stores worldwide before declaring bankruptcy in 2010.

According to The Associated Press, Blockbuster closed all corporate-owned stores in 2014 and nearly all franchise-owned stores faded out.

The manager of the Bend location, Sandi Harding, told media outlets she has no plans to close the store, which mainly serves as a tourist attraction, anytime soon.