Students 'outraged, not surprised' after racist Snapchat videos surface

BROOKLINE, Mass. — Students at a Massachusettes high school said they were "outraged, but not surprised," that students were captured making racial slurs on Snapchat videos.

Hundreds of students at Brookline High School walked out of class Thursday morning to protest the racist videos, which were made by current and former classmates.

Allegedly, several young men repeatedly used a racial slur to target other students of color in the videos.

"No one should be able to get away with this kind of behavior," student Griffy Estima said.


The school district said it learned about one of the videos last week, and disciplined the students involved.

But after a second video surfaced Wednesday, the school district said it has launched another investigation, with more consequences possible.

“They (the school district) need to do better,” Natasha Browne said. “They need to have conversations. They need to explain to kids what's OK and what's not OK.”

“Things like this happen all the time,” Shaniyah Clouden said. “Finally, something needs to be done.”

“There’s no use for that word ever. I’m an African-American student and I would never use that word,” Estima said.

At least one of the students featured in the video is a graduate of Brookline High School.