Hotel asks for stolen items back for history display

Hotel asks for stolen items back for history display

FILE PHOTO: A New Orleans hotel staff is asking for anything taken from their hotel over the years to be returned.

It is something many travelers have done. They love a glass, an ashtray or towel, so they pack it up and take it with them when they leave a hotel.

But managers of a hotel in New Orleans are asking for their stuff back to help celebrate The Roosevelt's 125th anniversary.

It doesn't matter if the pilfered items were taken by mistake or intentionally, the hotel staff wants to collect anything that was missing, to put it on display in the lobby to mark the milestone, WGNO reported.

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And the good news is, those who took the items originally, can get it back once the celebration is done, Insider reported.

So far they have been given napkins, matchbooks, tea cups, soap and a vinyl album, WGNO reported.

Someone even sent a photo of a statue they have from The Roosevelt, but WGNO didn't say how the person got the statue in the first place.

Former visitors have until July 1 to return the items. Then everyone who returns something gets their name entered in a sweepstakes with a chance to win a seven-night stay in the hotel's presidential suite, complete with gourmet meals and spa treatments. That prize is worth about $15,000.