Police: Woman hits security guard with fanny pack containing pigeon

Laurie Weave.

FAIRFAX, Va. — A New York woman was arrested in Fairfax, Virginia, after allegedly hitting a security guard in the head with her fanny pack, which contained a pigeon, WUSA reported.

Laurie Weave, 56, also threatened the guard with a knife in the Tuesday morning incident, police said.

The security guard heard a woman yelling at employees at the Social Security Administration Office in Fairfax, WUSA reported.

When he approached Weave, she hit him in the head with the fanny pack, the television station reported.


When the guard escorted Weave out of the building, she allegedly pulled out a knife and threatened him.

Weave was arrested and charged with attempted unlawful wounding, WUSA reported.

The pigeon was unhurt and was taken to an animal shelter, police said.