Boy, 9, wins year's supply of dog food, donates it to animal shelter

Boy Wins Year's Supply of Dog Food, Donates it to Animal Shelter

DYBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A 9-year-old boy in Pennsylvania won a year's supply of dog food in an online pet photo contest. But instead of keeping the food for his pets, Caleb Marron donated the food to a local animal shelter, WNEP reported.

Merron, of Lake Ariel, won the contest after entering photographs of his dogs, Sadie and Charlie, WPMT reported. After being notified he had won a year's supply of Purina Dog Food, the boy decided to share the wealth and donated the food to Dessin Animal Shelter, in Dyberry Township.

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"I just feel bad for them being stuck in a crate all day," Merron told WNEP. "They go abandoned and they need to be loved, too."

Caleb Merron, nine years old, won a year supply of dog food but instead of keeping it, he donated it to an animal shelter in Wayne County.

Posted by WNEP-TV on Thursday, June 27, 2019

"It's really nice to donate to people. They need food because soon the animal shelter is going to eventually run out of money so they need that free dog food."

The gift is a godsend for the shelter, WNEP reported. Shelter managers told the television station they had not been receiving many food donations lately, so Merron's gift was eagerly welcomed.

"Recently we haven't really been getting the trucks filled with the broken bags and everything, so every little bit helps," Caitlyn Robbins, of Dessin Animal Shelter, told the television station. "This food will probably last us at least six months, if not longer, which is a huge impact for the animals.

"These days you don't see a lot of people from that generation do that. We are just blessed to be in such a wonderful community that they would do something like that."

Merron said he will give the shelter the 12 coupons as soon as he receives them, WNEP reported.

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