NFL Draft: Blind 13-year-old to announce Ravens' draft pick

NFL Draft Fun Facts

As the NFL Draft kicks off, one superfan of the Baltimore Ravens will have a dream come true.

Mo Gabba, 13, has been tapped by Ravens coach John Harbaugh to announce the fourth round draft pick at the team's Draft Fest being held in Baltimore's Inner Harbor, WBAL reported.

Mo will make history with the announcement.

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“You will be the the first person in the history of the NFL to deliver a draft card that’s in Braille. You’re going to make history,” Harbaugh told Gabba Wednesday.

The Ravens' fourth round pick is the No. 123 pick, according to Sports Illustrated.

Mo has been blind since he was 9 months old. He is also a three-time cancer survivor, WBAL reported. But he is just starting another treatment for cancer, according to the Ravens.

Mo was at Lindale Middle School when he found out about his honor. He was on the phone with a local radio station talking about the draft with the radio show host when Harbaugh called in, according to team officials.