'Muslim-free' Florida gun shop selling controversial Sanders, Clinton, Obama targets

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INVERNESS, Fla. — The Florida gun shop owner who publicly declared that his business was a "Muslim-free zone" is back in the news again – this time for selling targets featuring pictures of prominent Democrats' faces.

Andy Hallinan, owner of Florida Gun Supply, uploaded a video to his YouTube channel to announce that his Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton targets are now for sale for $4.99 each on bernietargets.com.

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In the video, Hallinan says he had just gotten out of seven days of "Facebook jail," allegedly caused by Sanders supporters who were unhappy he'd covered up a car's "Bernie 2016" bumper stickers with a "Muslim Free Zone" sticker.

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In a previous video introducing the targets, Hallinan said, "This is actually exercising our First Amendment right. We are allowed to have targets that look like a president or presidential campaigner as long as you don't have a credible threat on their life. So I'm in no way saying we should ever do harm to any presidential candidate."

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Critics took to social media to sound off about the news.

The store responded in a Facebook post Tuesday.

"This art is not to incite violence – but rather to inspire ALL of America to gain a better understanding of how strong our 1st amendment rights are – even if they are unpopular," the post said.

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Look at the comments on this page. Comment below with why you think that die-hard liberals can't understand that freedom...

Posted by Florida Gun Supply on Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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