Master P says he wasn't blaming victims' parents after watching 'Surviving R. Kelly'

UPDATE 2:00 pm. Jan. 9: Master P clarified his remarks in which he appeared to blame the parents of alleged victims of R. Kelly.

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The mogul appeared on "The Real" Wednesday morning and said headlines misconstrued what he was saying. On Monday, Master P posted two Instagram videos after watching the Lifetime docuseries "Surviving R. Kelly."

“I say me as a parent -- I would’ve kicked that door in. I’m not blaming (the victim’s parents). I’m saying that whatever justice needs to be done to R. Kelly that needs to get done,” he said. “We love our beautiful black women that went through this and we want to see justice for them. So I’m just saying me, as a parent, I would’ve turned into the Incredible Hulk and kicked the door down. That’s it.

“So I’m not blaming nobody. I said I don’t respect that. As fathers we got to go all out when we got to. I love my kids. I’mma do whatever I got to do.”

Master P’s full comments can be seen below.

Master P is among the celebrities continuing to share reactions to Lifetime’s docuseries, “Surviving R. Kelly.”

The series contains interviews and details from victims of the R&B singer, who continues to face accusations of engaging in sex with underage girls and running a sex cult. The last two episodes include interviews with parents of some of the alleged victims. In one part of an episode, a rescue is staged for a victim.

The 48-year-old mogul shared his thoughts in two videos posted to Instagram Monday, Billboard reported. According to Master P, the parents of the victims should take some blame.

“Let me tell y’all -- y’all want me to be real? Because it might hurt some people’s feelings. I’ll tell y’all about R. Kelly,” he said in the first video. “So what I got -- Lifetime just made a lot of money ... that’s a reality show. Six seasons -- six episodes of that. Let’s be real. The truth is I don’t like the parents. If you somebody’s daddy and you knocking on doors, pitching at windows --  y’all know I ain’t gon’ be on no reality show or Lifetime. I’mma be on CNN, straight up. It’s gon get real. Think about it. I’m not about to play with nobody; I’mma burn it down, I’m gon’ do something.”

The father of nine went on to insinuate he would protect his children by any means. “You shouldn’t be on there unless you on CNN from a jail cell,” he said.


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Despite how definitive Master P was about the parents of the victims, he was less clear on his stance on the allegations against Kelly.

“I don’t know if R. Kelly did it or not. That ain't any of my business,” he said. “I ain’t judging, but I’m just saying those parents shouldn't have let that go that far and they shouldn’t of been knocking on no windows and throwing no rocks if they know somebody in there with they kid.

“Now, if you got your kid and your kid comes out and wants to go back, that’s on them. At least I tried as a parent, but if my kid in there, it’s gonna be all-out war. Everybody coming outside, to be honest with you.”

“If somebody been saying all them allegations about him -- for one, my kid not even going up in there,” he said.

Kelly has repeatedly denied the accusations.