Man says he was offered burgers for life for being locked in Burger King bathroom

WOOD VILLAGE, Ore. — A man from Portland, Oregon, says he was trapped in a Burger King bathroom for more than an hour and was promised free burger meals for life in a settlement over the ordeal.

But he says now BK isn’t holding up its end of the bargain, so he’s suing the fast-food restaurant.

Curtis Brooner said he used the restroom at a Portland Burger King on Dec. 15.

But when he tried to get out of the room, the door would not open, KOIN reported.

Brooner said he had the receipt from his meal and called the number listed on the paper for help.

Employees were not able to open the door from the outside. They slid a fly swatter under the door, telling Brooner to pry the lock with that.

But it didn't work, and Brooner said he sliced his hand using the tool, KATU reported.

Brooner said he could hear employees laughing at him while he waited to get out of the restroom, KATU reported.


A locksmith was eventually called,  and Brooner was able to leave the restroom.

In the lawsuit filed this week, Brooner said that workers gave him a bandage and some ointment for his cut and offered him a lifetime supply of Burger King meals at no cost in a settlement for his predicament.

But shortly afterward, the company said it was not going to honor the agreement, KOIN reported. A regional manager said no to the deal, KATU reported.

In the suit, Brooner said he wants Burger King to either give him the free food or pay him $9,026.16, the cost of buying one Burger King Whopper Meal every week if Brooner would live to 72 years old.

If Burger King says no to either the meals or the money, Brooner said he wants the company to pay for his injury, which will not exceed the $9,026.16 amount, KOIN reported.