Kroger will now charge fees if you ask for cash back at checkout

If you're going to tack on cashback at your local Kroger grocery store, you will start seeing a fee tacked on for the perk.

Like using a foreign ATM, the grocery chain is adding at least a 50-cent fee for debit card cashback transactions, WXIX reported.

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The amount will increase in steps depending on how much cash you ask for.

For an amount 99 cents and under, there will be no fee. For an amount of $99.99 and under, the fee will be 50 cents.

For amounts between $100 and $150, the fee will be $1.50. For $150.01 to $300 it will cost you $3.50. , WXIX reported.

The fees were instituted because banks charge Kroger a fee, according to a tweet by company officials in response to customer complaints.