James Earl Jones, Donald Glover starring in Disney's live-action 'The Lion King'

Two actors appear to be confirmed in Disney's live-action remake of "The Lion King."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Jon Favreau tweeted photos of James Earl Jones and Donald Glover in an apparent indication that the two have roles in the new movie.

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Favreau, who directed "Iron Man" and Disney's successful live-action film "The Jungle Book," will be directing the new version of the 1994 animated movie that featured anthropomorphic lions.

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"I just can't wait to be king. #Simba," Favreau tweeted Friday with a photo of Glover, seemingly indicating that the "Atlanta" actor would be playing the titular character, voiced in the animated film by Matthew Broderick.

Jones, fittingly, may be reprising his role as Mufasa, the king of Pride Rock before Simba takes the throne, whom he voiced in the animated version. Favreau tweeted an image of Jones with the caption, "Looking forward to working with this legend. #Mufasa," minutes after tweeting about Glover.

Favreau is reportedly directing the live-action sequel to "The Jungle Book" back to back with "The Lion King."

Not much is known about "The Lion King" remake, including whether it will be in the vein of "Beauty and the Beast" or if Glover, Jones and other stars will provide voices for CGI-animated animals, although the latter seems likely based on past remakes with human-like animals as the subjects.

No release date for the remake has been announced.