Hurricane Michael: Looter shot trying to steal fire marshal's car

Accused Looter Shot While Allegedly Trying to Steal Fire Marshal's Car After Hurricane Michael

PANAMA CITY, Fla. — A looter was fatally shot Friday trying to steal a Florida state fire marshal’s vehicle, officials said.

The man yelled at a witness that he was looting, got into the vehicle which had its flashing lights running and shut the door, WPMI reported.

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"As I'm crossing the doorway, I look back, saw the officer at the passenger side. I don't believe the door was open yet. Then I got about three more feet inside, and I heard the shot," witness Landon Swett told WPMI.


The Florida Highway Patrol confirmed a state fire marshal was involved in the shooting, WPMI reported.

With many businesses with broken windows and doors, looting has been an issue in some areas, WPMI reported.