Fridge full of beer magically appears in flooded field just as tired guys pass by

Fridge full of beer magically appears in flooded field just as tired guys pass by

Two Nebraska men were wrapping up a day of cleaning a flooded cabin and returning to a parked car when they saw what appeared to a refrigerator not far from the road. Photo Credit: Pixabay

LINCOLN, Neb. — Parts of the Midwest are seeing record flooding as rivers overrun their banks and inundate homes and businesses, displacing hundreds of people.

In Nebraska, Kyle Simpson and his friend Gayland Stouffer spent a long day Sunday cleaning Simpson's flooded property on the Platte River, according to the Lincoln Journal Star.

As the pair was trudging back to their car, which was parked more than a mile away, Stouffer spotted what looked like a refrigerator not too far off what remained of the road.

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As Stouffer went to check it out, Simpson skeptically looked on.

"And he opens it up and says, 'It's full of beer,'" Simpson said, according to the Journal Star.

“I said, “Yeah right.’”

“And he reaches in and says, “It’s ice cold,’” Simpson recounted.


The fridge, it turns out, was full of cold beer and what else could they do?

They took a selfie with the refrigerator and drank a few brewskies, both marveling over the chances of stumbling across a refrigerator full of beer in the middle of nowhere after a hard day’s work.

Turns out the refrigerator full of beer came from a cabin about four miles upstream that didn’t make it through the floods.

Simpson talked with the owner, according to the Journal Star, and promised to get the fridge back to him.