Florida woman says man pretended to be Uber driver, urged her to get in car

ORMOND BEACH, Fla. — Ormond Beach, Florida, police are investigating if a man posed as an Uber driver to get a group of women inside his car.

Police said an Uber driver heard about the alleged incident from one of the women and reported it to police.

The victim said she and several other women had been waitingfor their Uber driver outside an Ormond Beach restaurant when a man pulled up in a vehicle asking if they were waiting for an Uber.

The driver told them to get in the vehicle but the woman who had ordered the Uber noticed his description and car didn’t match what was given on the app.

The woman said the driver became insistent and repeatedly told the women to get in the car and that he was the Uber driver.

When the actual Uber driver arrived, the suspect fled the area.

The suspected fake driver was described as having a muscular build and a teardrop tattoo on his face.

He was possibly driving a black Chrysler 300 described as being “tricked out,” with a Tennessee license plate.

In a release, police said the public is “strongly urged to verify their taxi transportation services, and to utilize the security features on their Uber app when requesting their services. Uber usually provides a picture of the driver, the driver's vehicle and the vehicle's tag number when requested. It also will provide the GPS position of the Uber driver and estimated time of their arrival when available.”

Police said the incident was reported as thirdhand and police are asking any other potential victims to come forward.