Father shares epic Facebook rant during school drop-off

A father in North Carolina is in the place that many parents have been when in a hurry to drop off the kids at school.

David Danielewicz shared a post to the closed Facebook page "What's Up Indian Trail?" a warning to all those families who hold up the line.

The original post was apparently from Stephanie Blakely Calabrace from Aug. 8.


Calabrace said in the original post, "I'm only going to say this once. If you have to bathe or dress your kid, comb their hair, scramble them an egg and write them a send off letter before they can exit the car -- YOU DO NOT BELONG IN THE SCHOOL DROP OFF LINE."

Danielewicz shared the post it which has since gotten the notice of media outlets around the country.

But Calabrace and Danielewicz are not alone. One writer called their drop-off and pickup lines experience "the Thunderdome."

The "Today" show reported insurance company Allianz surveyed 1,000 parents and measured the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. They peaked when they left the house to take kids to school. And the stress stays with them all day long, setting the day's mood.

The morning program suggested these 7 unbreakable rules when it comes to dropping off and picking up your child from the kiss and ride line.

1. Do not get out of the car. Ever. When the car in front of you moves, you move.

2. Put down your cellphone. No quick texts. No email.

3. Don't double park. 

4. Don't cut the line. 

5. Leave the PDA at home. 

6. The rules apply to everyone. It doesn't matter if the car's a clunker or the top of the line Land Rover. Rank does not have privileges.

7. Move swiftly. Don't discuss the entire day with your child as you hold up the line. Get them in, have them buckle and roll out.

Another solution to the headache is having school staff man the drop-off area and strict rule enforcement, The Epoch Times reported.