• President George H.W. Bush to be buried at Texas library (LIVE UPDATES)

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    Crowds lined the route of the special funeral train that took former President George H.W. Bush to the city where he'll be laid to rest.

    People waved American flags and cheered as the number "4141" train passed by on its roughly 70-mile journey from the Houston suburb of Spring to College Station.

    The casket of the 41st president was visible through large windows on the side of the train car.

    Bush died last week at age 94.

    Follow along below for LIVE minute-by-minute updates:

    5:28 p.m. -- To the burial site

    The family is following the casket to the burial site as a band plays the hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy.”

    5:17 p.m. -- At the library

    The casket, family and friends have arrived at the presidential library.  Navy jets are flying overhead.

    4:57 p.m. -- The hearse is leaving 

    Bush’s body has been placed in the hearse and it is being taken to its burial place at the George H.W. Bush Museum. The burial will be private.

    4:41 p.m. -- Train arrives at College Station 

    The train carrying former President George H.W. Bush has arrived at College Station, Texas, where Bush will be interred. 

    It is raining at College Station. The family is now getting off the train. The road to the station is lined with cadets in uniform. The casket is being removed from the train by an honor guard. It is wrapped in plastic to protect the flag and casket from the rain.

    2:03 p.m. -- The train is leaving the station

    The train has left Spring, Texas, enroute to College Station.

    1:37 p.m. -- Casket is being loaded on the train

    The train engine that will take Bush to College Station was renovated in 2005. Per his request, it was painted the colors of Air Force One. It has been in storage since then, waiting to be used for what it is being used for today.

    1:35 p.m. -- The hearse has arrived at the train station

    It is raining heavily at the Union Pacific Railroad facility in Spring, Texas, as the motorcade arrives at the station.

    12:31 p.m. -- The hearse has left for the train station

    A motorcade is headed to the train station where it will take around two hours to get to College Station by train.

    12:21 p.m. -- The family has left the church

    The family has left the church and is following the former president’s body to the train station.

    12:16 p.m. -- The casket is removed from the church

    An honor guard is removing the former president’s casket from St. Martin’s Church. Bush’s remains will be taken to a specially-designed train car which will carry the casket to College Station, Texas, where he will be buried at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library.

    12:13 p.m. -- The blessing and a hymn

    Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle, bishop of The Episcopal Church of Texas, is offering the blessing, and the hymn "Onward, Christian Soldiers” is being sung.

    12:05 p.m. -- Prayers for the People 

    Rev. Peter G. Cheney, chaplain of St. Ann's Episcopal Church in Kennebunkport, Maine, and Rev. Dr. Susannah E. McBay of St. Martin's Episcopal Church are leading prayers. “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” is being performed by the church’s choir.

    11:59 a.m. -- The Apostle’s Creed

    The congregation is standing, saying the Apostle’s Creed. Reba McEntire is singing “The Lords Prayer.”

    11:57 a.m. -- “We’re here sir, as we told you we would be”

    The Oak Ridge Boys are singing “Amazing Grace.”

    11:55 a.m. -- “What is heaven like?”

    Levenson says Bush once asked him, “What do you think heaven is like?” He says he imagines for Bush that Barbara Bush and their daughter, Robin, welcomed him with “We adore you.”

    11:48 a.m. -- The homily begins

    Rev. Russell Levenson, Jr. is offering the homily and tells mourners that it is ok to cry because it honors the person who has passed.

    11:42 a.m. -- The Gospel

    Rev. Martin J. Bastian of St. Martin's Episcopal Church is reading John 11:21-27.

    11:38 a.m. -- A second reading 

    Georgia Grace Koch and Nancy Ellis LeBlond Sosa, two of Bush’s granddaughters, are reading from 1 Corinthians 12:31- 13:13

    11:31 a.m. -- George P. Bush is speaking

    Bush’s oldest grandson recalls the time he spent with this grandfather. Says Bush talked “trash talk” during horseshoe throwing games. “He challenged all the grandkids to the coveted ‘first to go to sleep’ award,” he said.

    11:25 a.m. -- Baker recounts Bush’s triumphs in office

    Baker says Bush’s deeds “testify to a life nobly lived.” He says his wish for a kinder, gentler nation was truly what Bush believed.

    11:19 a.m. -- James Baker is speaking

    Former Secretary of State James Baker, Bush’s best friend, is remembering his friend. He begins with an apology, saying he will brag about his friend even though he knows Bush would not want that.

    11:17 a.m. -- The readings

    Bush granddaughters are reading from the Bible. Marshall Lloyd Bush reads from Lamentations 3:22-26; 31-33. Barbara Pierce Bush, Noelle Lucila Bush and Elizabeth Dwen Andrews read the 23rd Psalm.

    11:14 a.m. -- The national anthem

    The congregation sings the “Star-Spangled Banner” as Bush’s casket is put in place at the front of the church.

    11:09 a.m. -- The reception of the body

    The Rev. Russell Levenson Jr. offers a prayer as the casket is brought into the church.

    11:05 a.m. -- Music begins the ceremony

    After the congregation sings, “O Beautiful for Spacious Skies,” the St. Martin’s Parish Choir is singing, "This is My Country.”

    11:01 a.m. -- Bush’s children are being seated

    “America the Beautiful” if being performed as Bush’s children and their spouses are going to their seats.

    11:00 a.m. - The service has begun

    Funeral services have begun at a Houston church for George H.W. Bush, the last public remembrance for the former president who will be laid to rest Thursday.

    10:39 a.m. - The family is beginning to come into the church

    Some members of the Bush family are already in the church. All the guests are seated and awaiting the start of the service.

    10:20 a.m. - Guests are arriving at the Church in Houston

    People are being seated in St. Martin’s Episcopal Church as the services are set to begin in about 40 minutes. 

    Actor and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is there, as are athletes J.J. Watt, and Yao Ming. Actor Chuck Norris is also in the crowd.

    Baseball Hall of Famers Nolan Ryan and Jeff Bagwell are also there. Astros owner Drayton McLane and former Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda are also in attendance.

    9:20 a.m. - Baker, Bush’s grandson to offer eulogies

    More than 1,200 guests are expected to attend Bush’s funeral service in Houston. James Baker, Bush’s friend of more than 60 years, and his grandson, George P. Bush, will deliver eulogies at the funeral.

    Bush’s grandsons will be honorary pallbearers and six of his granddaughters will speak at the ceremony. 

    8 a.m. - The schedule for Thursday’s services

    Here is the schedule of events for Thursday’s services for Bush: 

    • 10 a.m. CT -- Funeral service at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston
    • 11:15 a.m. CT -- Departure ceremony at the church
    • 12:30 p.m. CT -- A train carrying Bush’s body will depart from the Union Pacific Railroad Westfield Auto Facility for College Station, Texas
    • 3:45 p.m. CT -- The train is expected to arrive at Texas A&M University in College Station
    • 4:15 p.m. CT -- Arrival and interment at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in College Station.

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