Animal rescue saves cat injured after firecrackers tied to front paw

Cat’s Leg Amputated after Firecrackers were Tied to Her Front Paw

PITTSBURGH, Pa. — Officials with Humane Animal Rescue said a McKee's Rocks resident brought a cat in over the weekend after reporting a serious leg injury.

The agency said after veterinarians took a closer look, they determined firecrackers were tied to her front left paw with rubber bands.

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"There really wasn't any paw left," explained Jamie Wilson, director of medical business. "I had to stop her from eating and drinking too quickly so she wouldn't get sick."

The person who brought the cat in, Kenny Skepanski, found her Friday with the injury.

"I had to help. She was badly hurt, and I couldn't let any animal suffer like that," Skepanski said.

The cat, named Pickles, had to have her leg amputated.

Rescue officials said Pickles is 3 years old and she is expected to make a full recovery.