• 6-year-old's salute to military members goes viral

    By: Ann Smajstrla, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    SAN ANTONIO - A picture of a 6-year-old boy saluting military members in a Texas airport has gone viral as online commenters said they were inspired by the youngster's patriotism.

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    The Vega family was recently returning to San Antonio after a trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado, when a group of sailors passed them in the airport, WOAI-TV reported. Joe Vega said he was proud to see his son, Jace, stop and salute the group.

    Joe Vega said he snapped a picture of Jace, and then asked his son why he saluted.

    "Daddy, they protect us," Jace replied.

    The first-grader told WOAI-TV he aspires to one day be an Army captain.

    The picture of Jace, posted Sunday to WOAI-TV's Facebook page, had more than 1,300 reactions as of Tuesday afternoon.

    Commenters wrote about how they were inspired by Jace.

    "Best post today ... what a nice little boy. Parents deserve to be very proud," wrote commenter Barb Borgen Vandenberg.

    "Thank you young man for your patriotism," wrote Kevin Burke.

    A few companies have reached out to the family about making shirts with the picture on it, Joe Vega said.

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