102-year-old woman evicted so landlord's daughter can move into home

California Woman Reportedly Evicts 102-Year-Old Woman So Daughter Can Move In

LADERA HEIGHTS, Calif. — A 102-year-old woman is looking for a new place to live after her landlord issued an eviction notice.

Thelma Smith's landlord has told the centenarian she has to get out of her home so the landlord's daughter can move in once she graduates law school, KCBS reported.

Smith now has to vacate the California house by June 30.

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Smith said most of her family is gone, the television station reported. Those who remain are on the East Coast. She is considering moving in with friends or into assisted living, which she said would be hard to afford while living on her fixed income.

KCBS spoke to the landlord, whose name was not released, and asked "We know legally you can make her leave, but 102? Would you kick out a 102-year-old woman?"

The landlord countered, “Would you take care of your child?”