• Toddler Thrown Out Window During Carjacking

    COLLEGE PARK, Ga.,None - Police are hoping a fingerprint match with help lead them to two men who stole a car with two children inside.

    During the getaway, the men threw one of the kids, a 3-year-old, out of the window.

    It happened at about midnight Saturday.

    Thirteen-year-old Keylan Howard told Channel 2's Erin Coleman he heard two men banging on his mother's car window. He said the next thing he knew, he was in a fist fight with two carjackers.

    "They threw me out the car, hit me with something," said Keylan Howard. What the thieves didn't know when they sped off from the Old National Discount Mall on Godby Road was that Keylan's 3-year-old brother was asleep in the back seat. Carmalita Howard said she stopped at the mall for a minute to run into a store.

    "You're thinking, ‘It's a quick second, I'm going to run in and run out," Carmalita Howard said. "You don't ever think within that split second somebody's going to jump in your car."

    Carmalita Howard said when she came out, her 13-year-old was on the ground and the thieves were getting away.

    "We took off running towards the car," Keylan Howard said.

    "Before I knew it, we just seen his little body be tossed out of the car," Carmalita Howard said. "He looked like a little rag doll."

    The carjackers threw 3-year-old Stephan out of the window of the moving car.

    Stephan had a bruised back and a bump on his head, but luckily his injuries weren't serious.

    "These are obviously people who have no regard for anyone," said Capt. Ferman Williford of the College Park Police Department. Officers have dusted the car for fingerprints and hope they're closing in on the men responsible.

    "If it had just been my car taken, no problem, but the fact that you did this to my children, I'm not going to rest until they're found," Carmalita Howard said.

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