• See 'Whales: Giants of the Deep' at Fernbank


    ATLANTA - At the Fernbank Museum, visitors can always learn something while having fun and the “Whales-Giants of the Deep” exhibit is no exception. 

    Guests are treated to great cultural objects like weapons and jewelry made with whalebone. And visitors can see whale specimens and models. There’s a lot to take in.

    “It’s a great way to look at the biology and the evolution of whales, but also of the relationship between whales and humans,” said Brandi Berry, vice president of marketing at Fernbank.

     And those relationships are on display at a movie theater inside the exhibit, which is anchored by the actual model used in the film “Whale Rider.”  Inside, visitors can learn of the Maori people of the South Pacific known as the “Whale People.”

    “We had representatives from the Maori culture who travel with the collection because the whales in the exhibit, even though they’re skeletons at this point, they still treat them with incredible respect and almost like they’re still living creatures,” Berry said.

    Two of those gigantic whale skeletons, including a 58-foot long sperm whale, are a floating focal point.  And a life-sized whale heart, large enough for a human to crawl through, is a highlight.

    You can catch “Whales-Giants of the Deep” until August 24.  For more information, visit fernbankmuseum.org.

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    See 'Whales: Giants of the Deep' at Fernbank