• 'Chicken man' says house ransacked while he was in jail

    By: Mike Petchenik


    ALPHARETTA, Ga.,None - A Roswell man known for raising chickens in his backyard is now raising concerns after he said someone stole several high-powered weapons and other valuables from his home while he sat in jail.

    Andrew Wordes spent three months in the Roswell Detention Center after a judge revoked his probation for city code violations on his property. When he arrived home a few weeks ago, he said his Alpine Drive home had been ransacked.

    "I came home to a house that looked like a war had taken place in here," Wordes told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik.

    Wordes showed Petchenik how every room in his house had been rifled through.

    "Drawers emptied, papers everywhere, food scattered throughout the house," he said.

    Wordes told Petchenik that he told city officials about his cache of guns, and that his home might be targeted if unattended.

    "I had warned people constantly this was going to happen," he said.

    A friend, Lee Fleck, told Petchenik after Wordes went to jail, he and another friend helped secure several of the weapons.

    He said they also moved some belongings to a storage facility.


    Fleck told Petchenik he alerted Roswell's police chief and city administrator that there was evidence that strangers had been on the property and had potentially burglarized the home back in August.

    In 2009, Wordes fought Roswell and won the right to raise dozens of chickens in his backyard, despite concerns from neighbors. During his incarceration, Wordes said friends took the chickens into foster care.

    Wordes said in addition to the guns, the burglars also stole a log book containing the names and numbers of anyone who's ever sold or purchased a gun to him. He said he worries for their safety, too.

    "These were not law-abiding citizens who ransacked my house and stole my guns," Wordes said.

    Roswell city spokeswoman Julie Brechbill told Petchenik the city was made aware about the cache of guns and did assign a police officer to patrol and monitor the home.

    She said officers didn't find any evidence of a burglary taking place.

    She also said Wordes hasn't been cooperative in providing the names of those who helped secure the weapons, so she said it's unclear if someone actually stole them.

    Wordes has filed a police report and a detective has been assigned to follow up on the case.

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