• 'Sexting' partner describes relationship with Ross Harris


    GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. - A woman took the stand Monday and described her year-long relationship with Ross Harris, the man accused of leaving his son to die in a hot car.

    Day 7 Quick Facts

    • 5 people testified in the trial Monday
    • Ross Harris' 'sexting' partner said he spoke about his wife, child
    • The then-19-year-old said they met once, had sex
    • Co-workers brought up childfree website at work
    • Detective interviewed an escort who said Harris was a past client

    The woman, Jaqueline Robledo, described using multiple apps to communicate with Harris in 2013. She said they first started talking after she posted on the app Whisper about the ’Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie.

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    Robledo said the conversation immediately turned sexual. After a short time, they agreed to meet at Harris’ apartment, where they had sex.
    They never met again but continued messaging each other.

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    Harris did admit to Robledo that he had a family and that he “loved his son.”

    Detective describes operation to locate escort who had encounter with Ross Harris

    A Cobb County police detective also took the stand Monday and described how his team had been able to locate an escort who met with Ross Harris several times, including one occasion just weeks before his son Cooper was left in a car to die.

    Ralph Escamillo said he used Harris’ cellphone log to locate a phone number associated with a woman who used the website BackPage.com.

    Escamillo said he called the phone number and Daniela Doerr picked up. Escamillo said, under the guise of a john, he arranged a time to meet Doerr so that he and his vice team could verify who she was.

    The two decided to meet at an Econo Lodge on Sept. 8, 2014, as part of the operation. Escamillo met Doerr in a hotel room and he told her that he was with the Cobb County Police Department and that he wanted to talk to her about an unrelated case, not about alleged prostitution charges.

    Defense Attorney Maddox Kilgore cross-examines detective Ralph Escamillo.
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    Doerr said she wanted to cooperate.

    She said she offered to look through her electronic phone bill to see her call log history. She was able to locate Harris' phone number, the same number Escamillo had on record for May 31, 2014. She said she remembered it was a white male because she normally dates African-American men.

    Doerr told Escamillo she was “90 percent” sure it was Harris and that they met at a Ramada hotel. She described the encounter as “very bland and vanilla” and that it lasted about 30 minutes.

    Doerr was not charged and released.

    Harris' co-workers had group chats about child-free website

    Three co-workers took the stand Monday, to talk about their relationships with Ross Harris.

    Alex Hall went to college with Harris and worked with him at Home Depot. He was part of the group conversations that Harris had most days. He described chatting about where to go to lunch and other everyday items.

    The prosecution brought up a particular conversation that the group had about a Reddit section called “ChildFree,” where users can post about not having children or not wanting children. Hall said he was making fun of the page when he brought it up. Harris responded saying it was “gross-ness” and he “wasn’t for it.”

    Winston Milling had been friends with Harris since college and also worked with him at Home Depot. He said that he, Harris and another co-worker were in the process of starting a business together.

    He said the day of Cooper’s death, they were all planning on going to the movies at a theater nearby. When Harris didn’t show up at the theater that evening, he became worried. He went to Harris’ apartment afterward and was approached there by two officers. He went to the police station the next day to talk to investigators.

    Regina Malloy worked with Harris at Home Depot. She said she noticed he carried in his guitar sometimes at work. As a music lover, she started talking to him about it. She also spoke about how Harris would sometimes bring in his guitar from his car to protect it from the weather elements.

    Minor takes the stand to describe relationship with Ross Harris

    A minor also took the stand, describing her texts with Harris. The judge ordered her testimony, video and audio, not to be broadcast through the live feed.

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