• Police squash rumors in Justin Ross Harris case


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Police and prosecutors are working to squash rumors and false reporting in the investigation into the death of 22-month-old Cooper Harris.
    Cooper Harris died in June after being left in a hot car for nearly eight hours.
    Some legal experts said the intense interest in this case may mean it will never go to trial in Cobb County.
    After Marietta police heard reports that Ross Harris' lawyer received death threats they had a detective contact the office only to be told they'd received many less than complimentary messages, but no actual threats of violence.
    At the jail, the Cobb County Sheriff's Office handled questions about reports other inmates had beaten up Ross Harris, or that he'd been sequestered in the jail's mental health ward -- both a spokesperson said were not true.
    The police have handled a constant stream of questions whether Harris' wife Leanna had been arrested or would be charged.
    Former prosecutor and now-defense attorney Joel Pugh told Channel 2’s Ross Cavitt all of the speculation and false reporting makes it hard for both Harris' attorneys and prosecutors to get a fair trial.
    “It’s so difficult for prospective jurors to determine what the truth is and what the truth isn't and to find a jury pool that could listen to the case and hasn't already formed an opinion on this,” Pugh said.
    Finding the truth, experts say, is likely still a long way off. The important clues that might show whether Cooper's death was a tragic accident or a pre-planned event likely sit on the dozens of computers and electronics seized, which will take an enormous amount of time to examine.
    “So that is literally hours and hours and hours of going over that data, of course you have software that extrapolates that data but you have to be present there to watch that data and say that could be used as evidence,” Pugh said.

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    Police squash rumors in Justin Ross Harris case