• Channel 2 obtains evidence list in Ross Harris case


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Channel 2 Action News has obtained a list of evidence prosecutors will use against Justin Ross Harris. He's accused of deliberately leaving his 22-month-old son, Cooper, to die in a hot car

    Former prosecutor Phil Holloway has been following the twists and turns of Justin Ross Harris case and was surprised with the amount of evidence prosecutors turned over to Harris' defense team. 

    "There's simply an extraordinary amount of material. Some 124 individual items of evidence listed here, any one of which could be reams and reams of documents or volumes and volumes of electronic material so there's quite a lot to digest," Holloway told Channel 2's Ross Cavitt.

    The evidence turned over to Harris' legal team includes videos taken from Home Depot, the Chick-Fil-A where Harris and his son ate breakfast and those taken by investigators at the crime scene and elsewhere.  

    The list inclused dozens of interviews with witnesses, friends, and co-workers of both Harris and his wife, Leanna, and lengthy forensic examinations of multiple computers, cellphones, and hard drives belonging to Harris and his wife.

    Harris faces an eight count indictment revolving around the tragic death of his son, Cooper, left in a hot car during a June day. He claimed it was a tragic accident.

    Prosecutors can add to the evidence later. They don't have to use all the evidence, and they must give Harris' defense evidence of his innocence.

    An interview Channel 2 Action News did with witness Leonard Madden is on the list.

    Madden has been outspoken and believes Cooper's death was a tragic accident.

    "His initial reaction was too organic for it to be planned from what I could see," said Madden. 

    Holloway told Cavitt, "This right here confirms what we've known all along, that this case will take quite some time for both sides to prepare adequately for trial."

    Defense attorneys have already indicated from their filings that they want a lot of this evidence excluded from the trial.

    They could hear motions on that as early as next month. 

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