Cockroach, pink slime cause popular restaurant to fail health inspection

Dantanna's at CNN Center fails health inspection

ATLANTA — A popular downtown Atlanta restaurant near Centennial Olympic Park just failed a health inspection.

Dantanna’s in the CNN Center got a score of 35 on July 24.

Jay Kazlow, who is the president and chief operating officer of Dantanna’s Restaurants, says in their 14 years in business in Atlanta they've never had a score like that.

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There are three Dantanna’s restaurants in metro Atlanta. Dantanna’s advertises as an upscale sports restaurant.

Kazlow says the low inspection score is humiliating, humbling and frightening.


Violations included a live cockroach, heavy food and grease buildup on floors and walls, food not held cold enough and black and pink slime-like substance buildup on the interior of an ice machine.

Kazlow says he’s 68 years old and has been in the business 50 years. He told us he’s never had a score this low.

Kazlow says they are doing everything to mitigate the circumstances as quickly as possible.

Dantanna’s Downtown got a 91 on its previous health inspection last November.

We asked why the big drop in the score? Kazlow says he’s not sure but he says they’ve corrected the problems and are ready to move on.

He’s says dining in their restaurants is a public trust and it’s something that they take very seriously.

We’ll let you know what the new score is when it is re-inspected, which should be within the next week or so.