• Resident: Home Invaders Posed As Cable Crew

    ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. - A Rockdale County homeowner said three gunman broke into his home and frightened him, his pregnant wife and four other children.

    "It was scary. Very scary," the homeowner told Channel 2's Tom Jones. He asked Channel 2 not to reveal his identity.

    The homeowner believes one of the men is the same person who came to his home the day before the robbery and claimed to work for Comcast.

    "We're coming to pick up boxes for Comcast. That's what he said," the homeowner said. They didn't open the door.

    The next day around 9 p.m., the family heard glass breaking downstairs.

    "Real loud. Real loud, " the homeowner explained. Next thing he knew, three men were coming up the steps as he herded his family into the master bedroom.

    "I was holding the door," he said as he showed Jones how he held the door as the gunmen tried to open it.

    They overpowered him and forced his family to the floor at gunpoint. The homeowner said the robbers kept asking, 'Where is the safe?'

    He said he told them he didn't have a safe and had no money. That's when one of the robbers kicked him in the face, the homeowner said.

    He told them they could take jewelry and his flat screen televisions.

    "I told them, 'Take it ... take all y'all want.' They said, 'No, they want cash,'" the homeowner said.

    While all that was going on, the homeowner's wife managed to discreetly dial 911. Deputies arrived before the men left. When the robbers heard the doorbell ring, they jumped from a second-floor window of the home and got away.

    But maybe not for long.

    The homeowner has several video surveillance cameras in his home. He showed Jones the cameras and said the robbers are on video.

    "That camera caught them. That one caught them right there when they were coming in. When he was coming down here, you could see his face clear in here," he said as he pointed to each camera. Investigators have the video and are investigating.

    Meanwhile, the homeowner said his family is still shaken by the intrusion. He has added more security measures, including floodlights and an extra security door to his home. He said he doesn't want this to happen to anyone else.

    "Especially with children," he said.

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    Resident: Home Invaders Posed As Cable Crew

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