Cops: FedEx shooter had plans for massacre at Cobb high school

Cops: FedEx shooter had plans for massacre at Cobb high school
Geddy Kramer, North Cobb High School, Class of 2013.

The man who shot six employees at a Cobb County FedEx facility before killing himself had planned a massacre at his high school that included shootings, bombs, and chains and locks for doors, according to the investigative report released this week.

Geddy Lee Kramer, 19, of Acworth, was employed at the Kennesaw-area facility when he arrived early on April 29 with bullets strapped to his chest. He shot six people, including a security guard, who was struck in the stomach at point-blank range, according to police. Then, Kramer shot himself in the head.

Late Wednesday, Cobb County police released 33 CDs to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution containing the investigative report from the April shooting spree. But even more alarming were the deadly plans Kramer had hoped to carry out at North Cobb High School, which police uncovered after his death. Those plans did not go forward because he lacked the money for his arsenal, he wrote in the manifesto.

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“I’m sick of it,” Kramer wrote in October 2012. “I’m sick of being the freak. I’m sick of being the weird one. I’m sick of being the one everyone looks at and laughs. I hate this place. I hate this world.”

Kramer had planned to kill classmates and teachers on April 19, 2013. Instead, he graduated from North Cobb the following month.

In the days leading up to the FedEx shootings, Kramer told friends he was unhappy with his job and felt as though he was underpaid. Three days before he arrived at work with a gun, he had failed to show up for his shift, the company told police.

All six people shot at FedEx survived, but security guard Christopher Sparkman, now 29, was the most critically injured. He has undergone dozens of surgeries and faces more in coming months, he has said.

In the months since the April shootings, Cobb County school system leaders were made aware of what police found during the investigation, according to Jay Dillon, school district spokesman. Increased security measures, including additional officers, police cars and buzz-in systems, were put in place in the district following the deadly shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14, 2012, Dillon told The AJC.

“We can never let down our guard because the eyes and ears of our students, staff and parents are the best defense we have,” Dillon said.