• Protesters Rally For Eddie Long's Resignation

    ATLANTA,None - A South Carolina minister, his followers and other protestors rallied outside Atlanta's capital building Sunday, calling for embattled megachurch preacher Bishop Eddie Long to step down.

    Protesters Want Bishop Long To Step Down PHOTOS: Church Calls For Eddie Long's Resignation

    The rally was held in response to four lawsuits against Long, in which former male members of New Birth accuse Long of manipulating them into sexual relationships.

    "You think we are going to roll over? You think we're not going to fight back ... Hell no," said Bishop H. "Prophet" Walker from the True Light Pentecost Church in Spartanburg, S.C.

    The rally's six speakers discussed their beliefs on the immorality of homosexuality.

    "Homosexual practice is always wrong. It doesn't matter if you practice it in public in San Francisco or in secretly as a church leader, Mr. long," said Peter Laberbera, President of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality.

    One of the speakers and organizers was Dallas radio talk show host Reuben Armstrong. He authored "Snakes In The Pulpit," a book that accused Long of homosexuality three years ago.

    "I would equate Bishop Long to Jim Jones, I would not be surprised if his followers didn't drink the Kool-Aid this morning," Armstrong said.

    Eric Gonzales, WSB-TV Anti Long Sign Anti Long Sign Armstrong requested a heavy police presence at the event, because he said he's received countless death threats. Thankfully, the only fireworks came from the podium.

    "I'm going to end today, Bishop Long, if it don't fit, you must quit," Laberbera said.

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