• Poll shows Cain with huge lead in Georgia

    By: Lori Geary


    ATLANTA,None - A new InsiderAdvantage/WSB-TV poll reveals Georgia Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has a large lead among voters in his home state, followed by Georgian Newt Gingrich.

    The poll asked 678 registered Georgia voters who they are likely to pick in the state GOP presidential primary.

    Cain, with 41 percent, ranked first by a large margin. The former businessman and talk show host received more than double the votes of second-place candidate Gingrich at 17 percent.

    InsiderAdvantage/WSB-TV Poll


    % of vote

    Hermain Cain


    Newt Gingrich


    Mitt Romney


    Rick Perry


    Ron Paul


    Michelle Bachman


    John Huntsman




    No opinion


    678 registered voters  
    Margin of error +/- 3%  

    Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, the two men often seen as front-runners on a national scale, finished essentially tied with 10 percent and 9 percent respectively. Twelve percent of voters said they had no opinion at this time. The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent.

    Channel 2 political analyst and PoliticalAdvantage CEO Matt Towery said the two Georgian candidates are moving up in the polls because they help each other out. Towery said Gingrich and Cain are not critical of each other while Perry and Romney are often seen as attacking each other and it has hurt their numbers.

    Towery said that Cain is definitely the one to watch in the race right now.

    "If he flubs foreign policy a little bit they'll forgive him if they think he has enough passion to get them a job. That's what's working for Herman Cain." Towery said.


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