Newt Gingrich: 'I would listen carefully' if Trump calls about VP

WASHINGTON — Former U.S. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is not doing anything to put a stop to rumors that he could be a potential running mate for presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Gingrich was one of the first people to predict that Trump would win the GOP nomination.

In an exclusive interview, Gingrich told Channel 2’s Justin Gray that if Trump calls about the vice presidency, he'll listen.

“Look, I have no idea what his thinking is right now. I don't have any interest in the sense that I'm going to go out and try to become his vice president. I would obviously have to listen carefully if he called. He's an old friend and I think any time a potential president calls a citizen, a citizen owes them an obligation,” Gingrich told Gray.

Gingrich even joked that Trump might prefer Peyton Manning or Tom Brady as his VP choice.


“I don’t think you can assume that Trump, having been unique until now, is suddenly going to become normal. Have you talked to him about what he wants in a vice president?” Gray asked Gingrich.

“No, I have not,” Gingrich said.

Months ago, while others predicted a Trump flame-out, Gingrich was saying that he could win the Republican nomination.

Now the question is: Can he win the presidency?

“You had your Contract with America, very detailed plans for things you wanted to get done. Donald Trump not so much on the details. Are you convinced he's ready day one to be the president of the United States?” Gray asked Gingrich.

“Well, I'm convinced you and I are having this conversation in May. We didn't develop the contract until September,” Gingrich said.

From a government shutdown to a Bill Clinton impeachment, Gingrich famously battled the Clintons throughout the 1990s.

“What advice can you give (Trump) about going head to head with Hillary and Bill Clinton?” Gray asked Gingrich.

“Never give her an inch,” Gingrich answered.

“It is that hard?” Gray asked Gingrich.

“These are the toughest people he will fight with. They have a record of survival,” Gingrich said.

Gingrich told Gray not to expect a different Trump, but a “slightly more subtle” Trump.

As for the vice presidential decision, Gingrich said Trump has become the likely nominee sooner than anyone thought.

Gingrich's advice is for Trump to take a second to take a breath and think his decision out.