Biden hits Trump on urban violence, virus outbreak

Biden hits Trump on urban violence, virus outbreak

Hours before President Donald Trump officially accepted the Republican nomination for the November elections, former Vice President Joe Biden jabbed at his 2020 opponent in a pair of interviews, criticizing the President’s handling of racially charged police shootings and the Coronavirus outbreak.

“The problem we have right now is that we’re in Donald Trump’s America,” Biden told MSNBC on Thursday afternoon, when asked about Vice President Mike Pence’s claim that Americans ‘won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America.’

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“They’re looking for more violence and more disruption because it helps them politically,” Biden added.

In the same interview, Biden shrugged off the public suggestion by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that he avoid any debate with President Trump, vowing to keep track of any presidential mistruths during the debate.

“I’m going to debate him,” Biden said. “I’m going to be a fact checker on the floor while I’m debating him.”

“I think everybody knows this man has a somewhat pathological tendency to not tell the truth,” Biden told MSNBC.

In a separate interview on CNN, Biden plowed over much the same ground, specifically saying for a second straight day that there is no reason for violent reactions to police shootings of Jacob Blake and others.

“I’ve made it clear from the beginning that there’s no justification whatsoever for violence, looting,” Biden said. “In fact, it just flies in the face of the legitimate protests which are going on.”

“These guys are rooting for violence,” Biden said of Republicans. “That’s what this is all about.”

Biden said part of the President’s desire to talk about urban unrest is to turn attention away from the Coronavirus outbreak.

“Just yesterday, we had 1,249 deaths,” Biden said. “That is more than the five largest countries in Europe.”

“He has been incompetent,” Biden said, leaning forward into the camera.

Meanwhile, at a cyber-fundraising event later in the day, Biden said he’s ready to start traveling again for campaign stops - which have basically been on hold since mid-March because of the Coronavirus.