• Herman Cain Rising In Iowa Polls

    HENRY COUNTY, Ga.,None - Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain returned to his home state of Georgia for a two-day break from campaigning in New Hampshire and Iowa on Thursday.

    Herman Cain Talks About Growing Support

    Cain, a Georgia businessman, has become a recent darling of Tea Party activists and has seen his name rise in the polls in the past month.

    Cain talked to Channel 2's Lori Geary from his nondescript campaign headquarters in Stockbridge.

    "People don't see me as a black guy running for president, they see me as somebody that has a message that resonates with them," Cain told Geary.

    Some recent polls have placed Cain as high as second in Iowa, tied with Sarah Palin and trailing Mitt Romney.

    Cain, a former talk show host on News/Talk 750 WSB, has spent the first few weeks of his official campaign speaking to standing-room-only crowds.

    "Most people have gotten past color. They're looking for content and character," Cain said.

    Cain refutes being called an entertainment candidate by Washington insiders.

    "If they take a shot at me, I'm going to simply say ‘I'll show you what the real folks are saying out there,' " Cain told Geary.

    Cain has pledged his support for the Fair Tax, and also wants to lower the corporate and personal tax rates to 25 percent, and eliminate the capital gains tax. He admits foreign policy is his weakness.

    "There is more about every situation around the world that I don't know than I do know. Some people don't like the fact that I'm honest," he chuckled.

    A poll by InsiderAdvantage was one of the first to show Cain's momentum rising.

    "I think he's going to go much further in this race than people think," said Matt Towery, CEO of InsiderAdvantage and Channel 2 political analyst.

    "People don't see a black man running as a Republican. They see a very persuasive speaker and then they may step back and see an added benefit that he's African-American and that's an expansion of the party," Towery told Geary.

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