What to know about governor-elect Brian Kemp's inauguration today

ATLANTA — Today is a big day for Georgia as the state will swear in its new governor Brian Kemp.

Kemp defeated Stacey Abrams in a contentious race that gained national attention in 2018. Around 8,000 people are expected to pack Georgia Tech's McCamish Pavilion.

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Channel 2 Action News met with Brian Kemp's press secretary Cody Hall for a sneak peek at what's expected to be a full day of ceremony Monday.

"Just for the swearing in, we’re expecting probably full capacity here at McCamish. That’s a little over 8,000 people, so we have to get them in, media in, making sure that everyone is getting from point A to point B," Hall said.


Kemp follows a long tradition of swearing-in ceremonies most recently Sonny Perdue in 2002 and 2006 and Nathan Deal in 2010 and 2014.

Both of Deal's inaugurations had to be modified because of threat of bad weather.

Most of Kemp's ceremony will be inside except for when he will review Georgia National Guard troops. That will be held for the first time at Liberty Plaza.

What a lot of people may not know is the legislature will also start Monday. Kemp is expected to present a new budget a few days later.

Any inauguration is a lot fot plan, but Hall believes the ceremony itself is important to Georgia and its history.

"I think that creates a connection between the people and the government, and I think that that’s important, and I think the governor thinks that as well," Hall said.


10 a.m. Prayer service at The Cathedral of St. Philip

2 p.m. Formal swearing-in ceremony at Georgia Tech's McCamish Pavilion

4:30 p.m. Review of the Troops at Liberty Plaza