• Gingrich's daughter wants to set record straight about her father


    ATLANTA,None - The youngest daughter of Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich said she wants to set the record straight about her dad's personal life.

    Jackie Gingrich Cushman lives in Atlanta and took part in a campaign announcement for her father in the Georgia State Capitol on Tuesday.

    "I'm thrilled to be here for my father, Newt Gingrich." Cushman told Channel 2 political reporter Lori Geary during the event where several local, state and federal officials announced their endorsement of the former speaker of the House. The list of local leaders includes Gov. Nathan Deal.

    Cushman has been representing her father at several campaign events while he continues to stump in Iowa and New Hampshire.

    "I think he does offer the one thing that others don't which is, he has been on the national stage. He has balanced the budget. He has cut taxes," Cushman said.

    Cushman may sound a little like a politician because it's been a part of her life. Her father launched his campaign for Congress when she was just 7-years-old. Cushman told Geary her father has changed since the '90s. He converted to Catholicism and has a much closer relationship to God, she said.

    Jackie told Geary she wants to try to put an end to the rumors about her father's personal life so she wrote a column about the reports saying her dad asked her mom for a divorce while she was in the hospital on her death bed.

    "It didn't happen, so that was important for me to set the record straight. I think you'll continue to have people try to say it was true. It wasn't true. I was one of the four so I think my story is valid and real since I was there," Cushman said.

    Cushman's mother is Gingrich's first wife and Cushman said many are surprised to learn she's alive. Cushman said her father knows the personal attacks aren't about to let up.

    "He was asked a very tough question on Saturday night and his response was very open. 'I made terrible mistakes, I've asked for forgiveness,' and that's where he stands," Cushman said.

    Her father's debate responses are part of the reason he's seen a rise in the polls.

    "We're very optimistic of where we are now and look forward to the next few months," Cushman said.

    Cushman told Geary she'll be joined in Iowa by some of the Georgia leaders who have openly supported her father as they launch a door-to-door campaign just before New Year's Day.

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