• Police worried about missing mother and toddler

    By: Tom Regan


    JOHNS CREEK, Ga.,None - Police in Johns Creek are asking the public's help to find a missing mother and her 2-year-old son.

    Channel 2's Tom Regan spoke with police Thursday about why they and the woman's family are so concerned about her safety.

    Neighbors told Regan that Lachella Chapman rented a house in Johns Creek for her and her son in early summer. Then Chapman suddenly left without letting anyone know, neighbors said.

    Now her family and police are worried about Chapman’s safety.

    Regan watched as county marshalls posted an eviction notice for Lachella Chapman for failure to pay rent.


    Chapman and her son went missing Aug. 26, leaving relatives and police wondering why she hasn't contacted anyone.   

    "There's been no activity on her back account, social networking, no activity on her cell since that date. That's why everyone is concerned. That's our concern,” Byers said.    

    Regan contacted the landlord on the eviction notice for her thoughts on Chapman’s disappearance.   

    She told Regan she did not believe the woman left to avoid September rent. She also said some of Chapman's personal belongings are still inside the house. The landlord told Regan that Chapman would have taken them if she had planned on leaving permanently.   

    John's Creek police said they asked the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for help in tracking down out-of-state contacts for Chapman to see if they've heard from her.  

    “There's a 2-year-old and her missing. And we're really anxious to locate her whereabouts at this time," Byers said. 

    Police said when Chapman's mother called to report her missing, she said it was not like her to take off without telling someone.       

    When Regan located Chapman's mother and tried to ask her about her missing daughter and grandson, she didn't seem inclined to talk. 

    Anyone who may have information on Chapman’s whereabouts is asked to call Johns Creek police at 678-474-1610.

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    Police worried about missing mother and toddler