• Police raid CD stores after finding bootleg music, movies

    By: Kerry Kavanaugh


    DULUTH, Ga.,None - Channel 2 Action News had the only crew there when Gwinnett County police raided two Gwinnett County music stores, seizing thousands of suspected counterfeit DVDs and CDs.

    Detective James Flanagan told Channel 2's Kerry Kavanaugh they were investigating bootlegs of an old rock concert and ran across hundreds of bootlegged newly released movies as well.

    "If you went in and bought these discs, you may not realize you’re buying a counterfeit product because the quality is that good," Flanagan said.

    Flanagan said police investigated CD Warehouse locations on Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth and on Buford Drive near the Mall of Georgia for about six months before moving in Tuesday.

    Kavanaugh got a tip that the raid would be happening and staked out the Duluth location all day.

    Once investigators got going, they determined they would need a box truck to load all of the suspected fake merchandise.

    Flanagan estimated they seized thousands of items in the Duluth location.

    He showed Kavanaugh the legitimate-looking copyright and studio logos featured on the discs. He said it's a tiny marking on the other side of the disc that helps them identify fakes.

    "There is specific lettering in holograms that's not supposed to be there," Flanagan said.

    He said the price was another red flag. CD Warehouse was selling a Puss and Boots Blu Ray Disc set for $19.99. Kavanaugh found a similar set on Best Buy's website for $34.99.

    Police arrested the owner, David Kirk, of Dacula. They said he was selling some DVDs marketed as new Blu Rays and 3-D for as little as $5. Police said they won't file formal charges until they know exactly how big the bust is.

    "Right now, we're not sure where they're buying these from. We just know that they are counterfeit products from China, most likely," Flanagan said.

    Kavanaugh also spotted members of the Motion Picture Association at the store. Police said they were there to verify their findings.


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