• Dad helps deliver baby on icy I-285


    SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. - Channel 2's Mike Petchenik talked exclusively to the family of a baby girl who was born on I-285 in the middle of Monday's snow storm.

    Baby Grace and her two younger sisters are resting comfortably in Northside Hospital after a harrowing experience that had a happy ending.

    Petchenik spoke to Nick and Amy Anderson via Facetime from their room in Northside Hospital, less than 24 hours after Amy Anderson gave birth to Grace on I-285 near Riverside Drive.

    "Did you ever think in a million years think you'd give birth to a baby on the side of  the road in a snowstorm?" asked Petchenik.

    "Absolutely not. We didn't have bags or anything," the Marietta mother said.

    She began having contractions Tuesday afternoon and called her husband at work.

    "It took me about two-and-a-half hours to get home. I finally got home. We were trying to decide -- we didn't know if we should call 911 and we figured we'd take a chance and got in my car and came around a corner over there and hit a wall,"  Nick Anderson said.

    The mom said that's when she knew she'd be having her bundle of joy on the road.

    "The contractions had gotten so strong, I knew this baby was coming because we just couldn't get through," said Amy Anderson.

    Sandy Springs traffic officer Tim Sheffield drove up and offered to help the father deliver his daughter. The family said they're grateful to the officer and relieved that Grace, a name befitting for her debut, is doing well.


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