• Pick Your Favorite Super Bowl Ad

    None - Dave and Jay -- pals again?

    One Super Bowl ad has a lot people talking this morning.

    It's a promo for David Letterman's show on CBS.

    Vote For Your Favorite Super Bowl Ad Which was your favorite Super Bowl ad? Betty White for Snickers Doritos Dog Collar Focus On Family with Tim Tebow Budweiser's Human Bridge Career Builder's Casual Fridays Danica Patrick for Go Daddy

    The spot shows Letterman and Oprah Winfrey on a couch watching the game.

    Letterman grumbles, "This is the worst Super Bowl party ever."

    The camera pulls back and we see Jay Leno sitting on the couch, too.

    Leno replies that Dave's "just saying that because I'm here."

    Oprah Winfrey is sitting between the two.

    The spot was secretly taped last week at New York City's Ed Sullivan Theatre, home of Letterman's "Late Show." Next month, Leno returns to host "The Tonight Show" on NBC, opposite Letterman.

    WATCH: Super Bowl Ads

    Funny was back in other Super Bowl ads.

    Betty White and Abe Vigoda played football in a spot for Snickers.

    Anheuser-Busch had several humorous Bud Light commercials.

    One was a take off on "Lost" where the survivors of a plane crash find the beverage cart filled with beer.

    Another spot, for Dockers, features a bunch of singing guys -- without pants.

    Many of last year's Super Bowl pitches had a somber feeling because of the economic meltdown.

    Villanova marketing professor Charles R. Taylor says the lighthearted tone is working this year because the ads still manage to tell people what the brands stand for.

    Not every commercial was strictly humorous. Automaker Toyota aired several pre-game ads to reassure worried owners after its accelerator recalls.

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